Presentation: Management of Change — Defining Change

Management of Change Presentation


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Management of Change

Powerpoint for defining change in Management of ChangeThis Presentation is a PowerPoint slide pack that you can use in meetings when you and your colleagues are discussing the important, yet difficult, topic of “change” in the context of a Management of Change program. Conditions, equipment and people are constantly changing in any industrial facility. So when is a change considered to be critical enough that it must be evaluated through the Management of Change (MOC) program? In other words, when is a “change” a “Change”?

Use this Presentation to help frame your discussions.

The material provided here supplements and complements materials provided in the ebook 52 Process Safety Moments and in the following Safety Moments:

The Presentation consists of 8 Powerpoint slides. You receive them in the native format (.pptx), so you are free to modify them, or to add your own material. The slide titles are:

  1. Defining Change
  2. Center for Chemical Process Safety
  3. Circularity
  4. British Standard
  5. Deviation Beyond Safe Limits
  6. Impact on Other Process Safety Elements
  7. Critical Changes
  8. Conclusions

Each slide includes a set of notes that that can be used by the person leading the discussion. An example of one of the slides — including the notes that the presenter can use — is shown at the bottom of this page. 

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Management of Change