Mumbai High North

Explosion at Mumbai High North

Safety Moment #1: A Discouraging Sameness

This Safety Moment video provides a brief overview of the Mumbai High North event. Mumbai High North was an oil and gas platform located offshore India. It was destroyed in a fire in the year 2005; the incident took the lives of approximately 22 men and injured many others. The storyboard is here.

We show how similar this event is to the Piper Alpha catastrophe that took place 17 years earlier, which is why the words ‘A Discouraging Sameness’ are shown; it sometimes seems as if we never learn.

One important lesson that crops up time and time again is that a root cause for major events is that someone, somewhere was trying to improve safety. In this case, the attempt to provide medical treatment to the galley worker who had seriously injured his thumb resulted in the death of twenty two men and the loss of a major facility.

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