Topics Introduction


Good management is the key to safe, efficient and clean design and operations. In this section we provide material that can help you develop and implement effective management principles. These principles are explained in depth in the book Process Risk and Reliability Management .


Safety is the top priority in all facilities. In this section we discuss safety practices such as the use of PPE (personal protective equipment) and the interpretation of safety regulations.


The analysis and management of risk is fundamental to much of the material we provide. For example, in addition to following rules and guidance to do with equipment inspection, programs such as Risk Based Inspection (RBI) can help ensure that the best inspection results are achieved at the least cost.

Once more the book Process Risk and Reliability Management provides detailed guidance and information on this topic.


We publish a wide range of materials on the equipment and instrumentation used in the process industries. Detailed information is provided in the book Plant Design and Operations.


Many of our articles and videos are to do with the safe and efficient operation, maintenance and inspection of equipment and facilities. Once more, information and guidance is provided in Plant Design and Operations.


The materials that we provide are oriented toward the process industries, i.e., those industries that handle chemicals and flammable materials, often at high temperatures and pressures. Although the different process industries have much in common they each their own unique features. So we publish material oriented specifically toward the following:

  • Chemical and petrochemical plants
  • Oil refineries
  • Pipelines
  • Offshore oil and gas

Principles of Process Safety Management

Many of the publications that we offer are to do with the topic of Process Safety Management (PSM), or with related topics such as the offshore Safety and Environmental Management System (SEMS) and Safety Cases. An overview of the topic of Process Safety Management is provided here. Much more detail is available in the books Process Risk and Reliability Management and Offshore Safety…

Contractors in the Process Industries

Contractors play a vital and increasingly important role in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of process and energy facilities, as can be seen from the chart shown below. It can be seen that, over the last twenty years or so, the number of contractor work hours has increased by about a fact of fifteen, whereas the number of hours worked by employees of the host companies has…

Fault Tree Analysis

Risk can be analyzed in one of two basic ways: inductively or deductively, that is either bottom-up or top-down. In a deductive analysis a system failure is postulated. The analyst then works backwards to deduce what combinations of events could have occurred for the system failure to have taken place (a detective solving a crime is thinking deductively). Fault tree analysis, the topic…