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History Safety Management. This 30 minute video describes the development safety management in the process and energy industries. It covers a 300 year period, starting at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.

The video describes 11 phases in the development of safety management. They are:

  1. Safety as a Value (early 19th century)
  2. Codes and Standards (early 20th century)
  3. Workers’ Compensation (early 20th century)
  4. Occupational/Personal Safety (mid 20th century)
  5. Systems Analysis (mid 20th century)
  6. Regulations (mid 20th century)
  7. Management Systems (1980s)
  8. Behavior Based Safety (1990s)
  9. Instrumentation (2000s)
  10. Videos (2010s)
  11. Culture (Present)

History Safety Management FlixboroughWithin the process and energy industries study of past events helps develop an understanding of overall trends and provides guidance as to where to focus future safety effort and investment. Experienced practitioners may even use the names of major incidents to summarize the state of a facility. For example, one leader once described a certain facility to another leader as containing “many little Flixboroughs.” Those three words told the second leader that Management of Change was a problem at the location in question because the Flixborough catastrophe in the year 1974 was caused by a total lack of Management of Change procedures.

The video concludes with some thoughts as to how safety management may change as we enter the ‘Age of Limits’.

A YouTube preview of this video is available here.