Operational Readiness / Prestartup Safety Reviews (PSSR)

Operational Readiness / Prestartup Safety Reviews
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PSSR. The purpose of an Operational Readiness / Prestartup Safety Review (PSSR) is to make sure that the safety of a new or modified system as installed has not been compromised away from the original design as it was being implemented. Other terms for the review include Prestartup Safety Review (PSSR) — a term used by OSHA — and Prestartup Review.

Readiness reviews are important because projects frequently fall behind schedule and/or run over budget, thus creating pressure on the project team to eliminate or postpone the installation of any items that are not absolutely necessary for the start-up. If not controlled properly this can lead to corner-cutting which may in turn jeopardize the safety or operability of the modified facility. The review provides a breathing space for everyone to make sure that the facility that they are about to start is safe and that it will perform as expected. Part of the review is to ensure that all action items and recommendations from Hazards Analyses and other reviews such as Management of Change have been completed as required.

Generally, the following issues will be covered by the readiness review team:

  • Equipment and instrumentation items that have been or modified are installed and commissioned in accordance with design specifications.
  • All findings from hazards analyses, management of change evaluations and other reviews have been closed out properly.
  • Safety, operating, maintenance, and emergency procedures are in place and are adequate.
  • All affected personnel have been trained in the new or modified operation.

Readiness reviews sometimes identify problems with respect to documentation and records. During the construction and commissioning of a facility there is usually considerable pressure just to get the facility completed and up and running. Hence the record-keeping part of the project may slip. If, in the judgment of the review team, some of the missing documents are important to safety then the team must insist that those documents are completed and issued before the facility is started.

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The Video

Our 11 minute video to do with readiness reviews is part of the package. It can also be downloaded here.

The Ebook

The 16 page ebook provides detailed information to do with Readiness Reviews. It provides backup detail for the video. The Table of Contents is shown below.

What the Review Is Not 
Project Phases 
Types of Review
   Review Not Required
   Small Projects / Engineering Changes
   Medium Size
   Large Projects
   Restart Reviews
Using the Elements of Process Safety Management
   Knowledge Management 
   Operating Procedures 
   Asset Integrity / Reliability 
   Training / Performance 
   Management of Change
   Management Review 
Organization of The Review
   Time Required 
   Team Structure 

Checklist Questions

Operational Readiness Prestartup Safety Reviews

The checklist questions help you evaluate the quality and effectiveness of your Operational Readiness program. There are 11 checklists and a total of 164 questions.

Guidance as to the use of the checklists is provided here.

Test Questions

In order to help you understand your progress when learning about Storage Tanks we have prepared a set of multiple choice questions. Our answers to the questions are also provided.