Small Potatoes

​Response to climate crisis    ​

This blog is taken from the post Small Potatoes.

Three climate activists met at the local coffee shop to discuss the latest IPCC report, Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability. The three of them had different opinions on most topics. But, regarding this report, they will in full agreement: it was almost unreadable. For example, with regard to food supplies, the report says,

There is high confidence that extreme weather events will push some current food-growing areas “beyond the safe climatic space for production”.

The reading grade level of the above quotation is 12th grade. In the tradition of Another Clunky Sentence, it seems as if the report was written at a level designed to squelch its message.

So, the three activists “translated” the paragraph into plain English.

If we don’t act now millions — maybe billions — of people will starve within our lifetime. Food crises will lead to war and staggering refugee problems.

< This paraphrase is at the 8th grade reading level. >

The three of them decided that “something must be done”. But they differed on what needs to be done, and who needs to do it.

The first activist stated that communications was the key. He decided to write a book, start a blog, publish YouTube videos, and lobby politicians.

The second activist declared that we urgently need to replace oil, gas and coal with “green” energy sources. So she worked with the companies and investors that were developing those technologies.

The third activist bought a 50 lb. sack of potatoes and planted them.