Implementing SEMS



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Implementing SEMS

BSEE (the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement) does not provide detailed guidance as to how a SEMS program is to be implemented because the standard is fundamentally non-prescriptive. Each company and facility will need to develop a SEMS compliance plan that addresses their own needs and circumstances. Some thoughts as to how this can be done are presented in this ebook.

Designing a SEMS Program

As has been repeatedly stressed, there cannot be a one-size-fits-all SEMS program that applies uniformly across the board. Each company and each facility is unique and faces its own distinct challenges. Nevertheless it is possible to outline a generic SEMS Implementation Program that can be used as the basis of facility-specific programs. Indeed, a SEMS program can be organized like any other management program in the following manner.

  • Determine the objectives of the program.
  • Create the organization.
  • Develop a plan.
  • Implement the plan.
  • Audit and improve.

Quick Start

Before discussing the five steps listed above, it is useful to outline the actions that can be taken in the short term, particularly for those companies whose SEMS programs are far from complete. It generally takes five years to develop such a program given that a facility is starting with absolutely nothing. Therefore, those companies that find themselves in the less than enviable position of having far too much to do, and too little time to do it in, need a Quick Start plan. Three ways of doing this are discussed in the ebook.

Table of Contents

Designing a SEMS Program
Quick Start
   High Return Elements 
   High Priority Elements 
   Risk-Based Approach 
Step 1 — Determine the Objectives
Step 2 — Create the Organization
   Facility Management
   Steering Committee
      SEMS Coordinator
      RACI Chart
      Signature Authority
Step 3 — Develop a Plan 
   Read the Rule 
   Management Style
   The SEMS Manual 
      General Section 
      Management Elements 
   Metrics and Baseline 
      Program Creation
      On-Going Program
   Plan Structure 
Step 4 — Implement the Plan 
   Preliminary Steps 
      P&IDs and Technical Documents
      Management of Change
Step 5 — Audit / Improve

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