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This ebook describes the topic of process safety maintenance, where the term maintenance refers to repairing equipment that has failed, either totally or partially, and preventive actions taken prior to equipment failure.

Maintenance activities exclude upgrades and changes to the system — they are to do only with “replacements in kind”. If new types of equipment or instrumentation are to be installed then these activities should be handled through the facility’s Management of Change (MOC) program. Even larger changes constitute stand-alone projects in their own right.

Maintenance work frequently involves potential contact with sources of high energy such as electricity, process fluids at high temperature and pressure or toxic and flammable materials.

Table of Contents

Regulations and Standards
Maintenance Management System (MMS)
Types of Maintenance
   Repair Maintenance
   Condition-Based Maintenance
   Scheduled Maintenance 
   Reliability-Centered Maintenance
   Spare Parts
   Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) 
Maintenance Task Organization
   Step 1 — Plan the Work
   Step 2 — Conduct a Job Hazards Analysis
   Step 3 — Prepare / Issue a Work Permit 
   Step 4 — Shutdown and Isolate Equipment 
   Step 5 — First Break
   Step 6 — Perform the Work
   Step 7 — Close Out the Work
   Step 8 — Handover to Operations
      Equipment Check
      Inspected, Tested, and Documented
      System Completion
      Operational Readiness/Prestartup Safety Review
Pressure Tests
   Testing Procedure
   Installing Blinds
   Test Medium
      Hydrostatic / Liquid Test
      Pneumatic / Gas
   Tightness Test
   Strength Test
   Pressure Test Manual
On-Line Cleaning and Repair
   Cathodic Protection
   Corrosion under Insulation
   CO2 Corrosion
   Sulfide Stress Cracking
   Controlling Corrosion 
Simultaneous Operations (SIMOPs)
   Managing SIMOPs
   SIMOPS Matrix
   Conducting SIMOPs 
      Kickoff Meeting 
      Communication Meetings 
      Close Out