Emergency Management

Emergency management process safety


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The focus of our publications is on helping companies meet their safety, environmental, and operational goals. Yet no matter how well designed and operated a facility may be there are times when an emergency occurs and an immediate response is required. This ebook discusses the topics of emergency management and of emergency response systems in the context of a risk and reliability management program.

Table of Contents

Abnormal Situation Management 
Human Response
   Human Error Rate 
   Heroism and Buddy Loyalty
Trouble Shooting
Levels of Emergency
   Cause of Emergency
   Emergency Operations
   Local Emergency Response
   General Emergency Response
   Recovery Operations
   Investigation and Follow Up
Emergency Planning
   Organization and Personnel
   Emergency Response Manual
   Emergency Procedures
   Emergency Response Training
Emergency Shutdown 
   ESD Hierarchy 
   Shutdown Zones
   System Reset 
Fire and Gas Detection
   Fire Detection
   Fire Eyes / Flame Detectors
   Smoke Detectors
   Heat Detectors
   Fusible Links
   Low Oxygen Detectors
   Combustible Gas Detectors
   Manual Call Points
   Toxic Gas Releases
Escape Routes
Fire Fighting
   Single Fire Concept
   Deluge Systems 
   Fire Zones

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