Project Management

Project management in the process and energy industries


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Many of the activities that have been discussed in this series of ebooks are carried out as part of a project. Therefore, it is useful to review some of the basics of project management in the process industries - particularly the Phase/Gate system, and to show how process safety programs are integrated into projects.

The sketch shows the Phase/Gate method of managing a project.

Project Management Process Safety Management

At the conclusion of each phase the project management team will select one of four options:

  1. Proceed to the next stage (the project is a “go”).
  2. Recycle the current stage (usually because insufficient information is available to make an informed decision, or because project requirements/conditions have changed).
  3. Put the project on hold.
  4. Stop the project.

Factors that affect the phase / gate decision include the following:

  • The commercial/business case for the project given the information available at that point,
  • Selection of the best technical options,
  • The need for contingency plans, and
  • The safety and environmental risks associated with the project.

Table of Contents

Phase / Gate System 
Hazards Analysis on Projects 
Phase I — Concept Selection 
   Hazards Analysis
Phase II — Preliminary Design (FEED)
   Hazards Analysis
Phase III — Detailed Engineering
   Hazards Analysis
Phase IV — Fabrication and Construction 
   Transfer of Care, Custody and Control
      Turnover Packages
   Hazards Analysis
Phase V
   Operational Readiness Review
   Startup and Line Out 
      Start-Up Procedures
      Acceptance Test
   Hazards Analysis 
Project Organization

Project management in the process and energy industries