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All operational integrity and process safety programs are built on a foundation of complete, accurate, and timely technical information. For example, a process hazards analysis requires that up-to-date and accurate piping and instrument diagrams be provided to the team, operating procedures require information about process limits, and the asset integrity program requires information about equipment and piping. Moreover, regulations and standards require that good written records be maintained so that outside auditors can evaluate the status of the integrity management systems. This chapter provides guidance to do with the development and implementation of a system for managing technical information.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Process Description
   Block Flow Diagrams
   Process Flow Diagrams
   Piping & Instrument Diagrams 
      Design Phases
      Equipment and Line Designations
      Instrument Designations
      Updating P&IDs 
   Editing Engineering Information
Materials of Construction Table
Material Safety Data Sheet or Safety Data Sheet
Global Harmonization System
The Safety Diamond

Process safety information