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This ebook describes the topic of firefighting in the process industries. Included are fire protection, firewater systems and firefighting media.

Most process facilities, either onshore or offshore, handle large quantities of highly flammable gases and liquids. No matter how well the equipment and piping is designed and no matter how effective the operating procedures and training may be there are times when large quantities of these materials are accidentally released. These flammable materials may then find a source of ignition resulting in an explosion or large fire. Hence it is important that all process facilities are provided with firefighting equipment and services, and that the workers at those facilities know how to respond when the worst happens.

Many of the actions that are taken to control a fire are also appropriate for controlling a leak of toxic materials. The toxic chemicals may release dangerous fumes or, if they are liquid, they may contaminate the water supply.

Table of Contents

Regulations and Standards
   API 2021
   NFPA 10
Fire Scenarios 
   Leak Sources 
   Types of Fire
   Single Fire Concept
   Radiant Heat 
Fire Prevention 
   Release Prevention 
   Preventing Ignition 
Fire Protection 
   Operating Response 
   Safety Instrumentation
   Passive Fire Protection
   Active Fire Protection
Firewater Systems
Firewater Supply
Firewater Pumps 
   Main Fire Pumps
   Jockey Pumps 
Firewater Distribution
   Ring Main / Header
   Capacity and Rates
   Disposal of Firewater
   Materials of Construction
Firewater Delivery
   Fire Monitors
      Water Fog Systems
      Water Curtains
   Deluge Systems
Other Firefighting Media
   Carbon Dioxide
   Earth-Moving Equipment
Portable Fire Extinguishers
   Water Extinguishers
   Carbon Dioxide Extinguishers
   Dry Chemical Extinguishers
Organization and Training
   First Response Team
   Firefighting Vehicles
   Fire Training Ground