Transportation safety in the process and energy industries


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Transportation in the Process and Energy Industries

The chemicals and fuels produced by the process industries usually have to be transported to the place where they will be used — often along public highways, railroads, by sea or by pipeline. This ebook discusses the transportation of these ‘Highly Hazardous Chemicals’, with a particular focus on their safe loading and unloading.

Transportation systems tend to be hazardous because of the frequency with which vehicles and connected and disconnected — usually by hose — from the facilities to which they are delivering materials. Every time that a hose is attached or detached there is a significant chance of a spill. Moreover tank (rail) cars and tanks trucks spend much of their time in public locations such as roads and railroad crossings where there is always a chance that they will collide with another vehicle. And, if a spill does occur, it could impact many members of the public.

Also discussed in this ebook is the control of static electricity when loading and unloading liquids to and from tank trucks and railcars.

Table of Contents

Regulations and Standards 
   International Safety Guide 
   CAP 437 ―  Offshore Helicopter Landing Areas 
Loading / Unloading
Loading Racks
Static Electricity
   Switch Loading
Tank (Rail) Cars 
   Tank Car Markings 
   Pressure Vessels 
   Empty Cars
Vacuum Trucks
Marine Operations
   Ships and Barges
   Small Boats 
   Jetty Terminals 
   Personnel Transfer 
      Personnel Net Baskets
      Rigid Frame Baskets 
   Cargo Baskets
      Personnel Movement
   One Call 
      Pig Launching 
      Pig Receiving
      Smart Pigs
   Slug Catchers

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