Occupational Safety


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Occupational Safety

Occupational Safety — also known as personal or “hard hat” safety — is concerned with events that result from unsafe acts or conditions, and that generally affect only one person, or a small group. It covers topics such as vessel entry, vehicle movement, protective clothing, working with electricity and tripping hazards. Incidents of this type occur quite frequently but generally do not have a major impact ─ most result in minor injuries ― but they can occasionally lead to serious injuries or fatalities. Related to occupational safety are the use of Personal Protective Equipment, Health and Industrial Hygiene and Human Factors.

One important technique for improving personal safety is the topic of behavior-based safety which aims to modify the manner in which people work, both at work and at home, so as to reduce the number and severity of events.

Table of Contents

Regulations, Standards and Guidance 
Measuring Performance 
Safety Manual
Incident Reporting 
   Vehicle Incidents 
   Near Misses 
Behavior-Based Safety 
   Management Commitment
   Observed Hazard Card 
   Timeout Policies
      Five by Five Policy
      Take Two Policy
      Speaking the Task
Lone Worker Policy
Machinery Safety
Dropped Objects
Overhead Power Lines
Emergency Showers and Eyewashes
   Design of Emergency Showers
      Flow Rates and Pattern
      Visibility and Accessibility
      Electrical Area
      Freeze Protection
      Heat Protection
   Operating the Shower
   Eye-Wash Units