Articles and safety moments that are included in this topic are to do with operational excellence and management assessments.

Operational excellence in the process and energy industries

We have developed an Operational Excellence Assessment System to help address the challenge of capturing practical experience, and we decided to follow a similar thought process, i.e., first structure a system and second create a means of establishing a baseline.

The structure is organized around the 18 elements shown below. It is based on the traditional PSM elements but it also incorporates features directed toward field experience.

  1. Culture
  2. Compliance and Standards
  3. Risk Analysis
  4. Safety in Design
  5. Information Management
  6. Hazard Identification
  7. Written Procedures
  8. Safe Work Practices
  9. Asset Integrity/Reliability
  10. Training and Performance
  11. Management of Change
  12. Operations
  13. Maintenance
  14. Human Factors/Health
  15. Emergency Response
  16. Incident Investigation
  17. Operational Readiness
  18. Industries