Transfer of experience in the process and energy industries

One of the challenges that industry always faces is the need to transfer knowledge and experience from one generation to another. This problem has been particularly severe in the energy industries n recent years as a result of the decline oil prices and the consequent reductions in work force. The articles, safety moments and other publications listed below provide thoughts and guidance to do with this topic.

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That would be telling

The Kletz Legacy

One of the founders of the process safety discipline was Trevor Kletz (1922-2013). Probably his best eulogy is also the simplest, "He saved lives."

As we reflect on Trevor's contributions it is clear that one of his greatest gifts was that of telling stories. He wrote extensively on technical topics such as hazards analysis and inherent safety, but he is probably best remembered for his story-telling books such as Learning from Accidents and What Went Wrong? Human beings learn best from stories and Trevor knew it.