Sutton Technical Books logoWelcome to Sutton Technical Books. We provide books, ebooks, videos, assessment checklists and safety moments for managers, engineers and executives in the process and energy industries — covering chemicals, oil refining, offshore oil and gas and pipelines. Our goal is to provide practical information that will help you design and operate facilities that are safe, efficient and in compliance with rules and regulations.

Much of the material fits within the broad category of Process Safety Management. An overview article on that topic is available here.

Latest Releases

Sutton Technical Books for Process Safety ManagementWe are proud to announce the release of the 2nd edition of Plant Design and Operations. This large and comprehensive book provides practical guidance to do with the design, operation and maintenance of facilities in the process and energy industries.

Our most recent module packages are Storage Tanks in the Process and Energy Industries and Operational Readiness/Prestartup Safety Reviews. Each package includes:

  • A video;
  • An ebook (.pdf format);
  • A set of  assessment questions that help you evaluate the status of your program; and
  • A set of test questions.

They are priced at $31.50 each.

History of Process Safety ManagementWe have also released a video: History of Process Safety Management. It describes 11 phases in the development of process safety starting with Safety as a Value (early 19th century) and finishing with Culture (Present). The video concludes with some thoughts as to how safety management may change as we enter the ‘Age of Limits’. It is priced at $9.99.







For many of the topics that we cover we publish modules or packages that include:

  • An ebook;
  • A video;
  • An assessment tool that allows you to assess the status of your the elements of your process safety program; and
  • A test.

To learn more please visit our videos page.

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Latest Information

Worked examples for Sutton Technical Books Standard Examples

We have developed a set of process safety management standard examples that are used to illustrate some of the concepts and ideas developed in our publications. 

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Common cause effect in process safety management Let's not make common cause

A common cause effect (or common mode) event is a single event that causes two or more supposedly redundant equipment items to fail; it negates the value of an AND Gate in a fault tree.

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Contingent events in hazards analysis Double Contingency

During process hazards analyses It is common to hear phrases such as, "Double contingency doesn't count, you know".

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Interface Hazards Analysis Interface Hazards Analysis Interface Hazards Analysis Read More
Admiral Rickover process safety management professional The Risk Management Professional

The material in this post is taken from Chapter 20 of the book Process Risk and Reliability Management.

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The Risk Management Consultant The Risk Management Consultant

The post Risk Management Professional discussed some of the attributes that help make a successful risk management/process safety professional. This post

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Process safety culture Process Safety Culture

The topic of Process Safety Culture is one that has received much attention in recent years.

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Hidden Incident Causes Hidden Incident Causes The Purloined Letter

Finding hidden incident causes is an important part of incident investigation.

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