Climate Change COPs

A theme of this site is that climate change leadership will be provided by businesses, not necessarily because they want to “do the right thing”, but because they want to be commercially successful and because they want to avoid their own “Kodak Moment”.

With this thought in mind, we have started a series of subscription-based posts on the ‘Net Zero by 2050’ theme. Our aim is to describe both the realities and the opportunities of our rapidly changing world.

The Process Safety Professional. Part 2: Attributes

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We are working on a book with the working title The Process Safety Professional. In it we consider the skills, knowledge and experience that someone needs to be successful in this business.

The following quotation is taken from a draft of the manuscript. 

The skills that a process safety professional needs can be divided into the following four categories, in roughly this order of importance.

The Process Safety Professional. Part 1: Constant Reading

The original post for this blog is here.

There are many books, articles and web sites that describe process safety management techniques and systems. There are fewer publications that describe the skills needed to become an effective process safety professional. With that thought in mind, we are working on the manuscript of a book entitled The Process Safety Professional. As time permits, we will share some of the draft material, and ask for comments.