One of the principles of process safety and of safety programs in general is that these activities can be and should be managed. In principle, there should be no surprises. Hazards and unsafe conditions should be identified and controlled using a risk ranking approach.


Articles, safety moments and other publications to do with the management of safety in the process and energy industries are listed below.

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Systems Completion, Commissioning and Start-up

Did you know that from the perspective of an investor, it is the Commissioning & Start-Up (CSU) phase that defines the project as a success or failure? When a project has been fully commissioned and started-up, it is likely the project will also be a financial success, with investors receiving their expected returns. When a project has not been fully commissioned and is then started-up, it is highly unlikely the project could ever be a financial success. From an investor's perspective, the project is a disaster.

Wanted: Imagination

This article is based on the post Wanted: Imagination.

Following the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers the New York Times journalist Tom Friedman said that our failure was not lack of knowledge (we knew quite a lot about terrorist organizations). Our failure was lack of imagination — we simply could not imagine that people would voluntarily fly a commercial airplane directly into a building.