SEMS Safety and Environmental Management System

This topic provides discussion and guidance to do with SEMS — the offshore Safety and Environmental Management System that was promulgated following the Deepwater Horizon/Macondo catastrophe in the year 2010.

A LinkedIn group provides current information to do with SEMS.

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The Case for Safety Cases

The Deepwater Horizon/Macondo catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico (GoM) in the year 2010 demonstrated the need for new safety management regulations. The draft regulations went through various iterations, and the name of the responsible government agency changed twice. In the end, the SEMS (Safety and Environmental Management System) regulation became a requirement for offshore oil and gas operations in the United States.

Safety Moment #5: Management of Change — Defining Change

Management of Change (MOC) is rightly recognized as being at the core of a successful Process Safety Management (PSM) program. Indeed, it could be argued that all undesirable incidents on an operating facility are due to someone, somewhere making an uncontrolled change.

But, when implementing and running an MOC program, process safety professionals face the challenge of defining the word ‘Change’.

Consider the definition for MOC provided by the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS).