SEMS Audits

BSEE (the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement) has issued a summary of its audit findings for offshore facilities and the SEMS rule. (SEMS — the Safety and Environmental Management System rule for offshore safety in U.S waters — is the offshore equivalent of PSM.)

It is Safety Alert No. 381 at

Safety Moment #63: Happy Motoring

There is no shortage of written material to do with technical topics, including process safety management. But only a tiny number of papers or articles establish a place for themselves in history. Virtually all that we read or write is evolutionary rather than revolutionary.

There are a few exceptions to this generalization. Occasionally someone writes a paper or article that changes the way in which we view the world. And one of those seminal publications was, in my opinion, a paper published in the year 1956 by Dr. M. King Hubbert of Shell Oil.