Safety Moments

Safety Moments Overview

If you are using this safety moment to kick off a meeting ask the attendees to share a time in their career when they intentionally violated a safety standard.We publish a variety of free Safety Moments that you can use to start one of your meetings or presentations. Generally, a Safety Moment will describe an event that occurred — it could be either domestic or industrial. Many of the…

Safety Moment #9: Another No Contest

The Incident

Safety Moment #3 — No Contest — showed an incident that occurred recently in which a car got stuck on the train tracks and was then hit by a locomotive. In spite of the seriousness of the event there is some good news. The people in the car got out of the vehicle and away from the immediate scene. Therefore, although their car was destroyed, no one was hurt.

About four…

Safety Moment #3: No Contest

This Safety Moment can be downloaded in .pdf format from

The Incident

This week’s Safety Moment shows an incident that occurred in my home town about half a mile from where I live just a couple of weeks ago. A security camera filmed the whole incident, which can be seen here. Since the complete video is quite lengthy (4:58) we have created a…